abadmin - 2014-01-16

Hei all,

I have been trying to get wxMaxima to work in a large scale fashion at Our School. The issue at hand is that, there are over 400 computers around the school and to individually install wxMaxima on all of them is out of the question.

My other two options are to have it available on an Application server, but after playing With this for awhile I cannot get past the error of "not connected to maxima". I know that the link to the main program is not able to Call the maxima.bat process. It is not a firewall or DEP issue. I cannot seem to find a work around to define the maxima.bat location or call at wxMaxima launch.

I am using a Norwegian conversion of the main program, so it is set to Version 5.14 and not the current 13.04. I am aware that in the current version I can define the maxima.bat location, but I have to again do that manually...killing the point of trying to save time.

The other option available, mass deployment to all machines via Remote install, should Clear up all the issues as the program will define and be made available locally. Unfortunately I cannot find any command line instructions that wxMaxmima would obey to make deployment viable. Does anyone know what the command line commands are?

Thanks in advance!