• Olivier

    Olivier - 2014-02-24


    this is my first time to use wxMaxima.

    I have a series of equations:

    e1 : R10/U10=R2/U20;
    e2 : R11/U11=R2/U21;
    e3 : R10+U20=1023;
    e4 : R11+U21=1023;
    e5 : R11=R10+epsilon;
    e6 : R1=(R10+R11)/2;
    e7 : K=R1/R2;

    R2, U10, U11 and epsilon are known
    First, I want to solve K
    Second, I want to develop the solution in taylor series with respect to epsilon. The error on K is supposed to be of second order of epsilon. This is what I got by hand and what I want to confirm.

    Thanks for helping, Olivier

  • Ago77

    Ago77 - 2014-03-01

    solve([e1, e2, e3, e4, e5, e6, e7], [R1, R10, R11, U11, U20, U21, K]);

    (You seem to have 7 equations and 6 variables only in the original story.)

    f(R2, U10, epsilon):=(sqrt(1046529-4R2U10)+epsilon+1023)/(2*R2)$

    With my choice of the unknown variables, a first order-approximation always tells the whole story, anyway in general you should use
    taylor(f(R2, U10, epsilon), epsilon, epsilon_0, 2);


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