Greek letters

  • Rene Hansen

    Rene Hansen - 2012-10-24

    Are there any plans for compiling WxMaxima for windows with unicode support to enable the use of greek letters (with subscripts) in equations?


    For example the input %alpha_p gives "%alpha_p" as output and dosen't give the alpha letter with subscript p or just "a_p" (as when using any other but letters) ??

    can this be done ?

  • ProfBrady

    ProfBrady - 2012-11-03

    You can use %alpha[p] to get the subscript. Make sure p is not assigned a value.

  • Rene Hansen

    Rene Hansen - 2012-11-14

    Thank you for your reply ! - maybe I don't get it right - if I input

    (%i04) %alphap;

    I just get

    (%o4) %alphap

    • not alpha (subscript p)

    Anything wrong ?

    Anyway - Maxima and wxMaxima is a great software - I use it almost everyday.

  • Zando

    Zando - 2012-11-16

    I have made a alpha sub p like this.
    I think this is really making a vector of alphas indexed at p, but it works.

    Oh. I see what is going on. ProfBrady said the same thing but the forum ate his square brackets []. I had to edit my post to get them to show correctly.

    Last edit: Zando 2012-11-16
    • Rene Hansen

      Rene Hansen - 2012-11-19

      "I think this is really making a vector of alphas indexed at p, but it works."

      Thats exactly what I mean - It could be nice to (actually in general) to be able to make subscripts without making a vector - in order to allow all the normal mathematical operations on the subscripted variable....

  • Wilhelm Haager

    Wilhelm Haager - 2015-01-08

    Unfortunately Greek letters are not displayed on wxMaxima 12.4.0
    (under Windows xp).

    How can Greek letters be displayed?

    Thanks in advance


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