Holger Biber - 2014-03-14

we are using WxMaxima on both windows and linux systems. For a special linux-version ("Prüfungsstick", linux on an USB-Stick) I've installed WxMaxima for Debian-Wheezy and CUPS with cups-PDF.

When trying to print from WxMaxima a "special" printing dialog is shown. In this dialog I have to choose the PDF-Printer and have to change to "A4-pagesize". Strange, because the PDF-printer is the only printer configured (A4 pagesize) in this system.

The generated PDF-Files are just in black&white and didn't show any "german umlaute" like ä,ö,ü,ß. Instead there are spezial chars.
Printing from other application to this PDF-Printer didn't show this behaviour. I.e. colors in PDF-File and correct display auf "umlaute".

I didn't find any hints on this problem while searching this forum.

Perhaps someone here could give me any hints.
Bye and best regards