splitcomplexes - 2014-03-22

Pathetic newbie here, second try at posting this question. Installed wxmaxima on mac osx 10.8.5 via fink (wxmaxima-mac-standalone), as well as maxima and xmaxima. If I define a simple function, the output shows no symbols, just parentheses (or perhaps they are brackets), spaces, and numerals such as coefficients or exponents that were part of the function definition. I have tried to copy and paste directly from a wxmaxima window, but it just shows

/ [wxMaxima: input start ] /
/ [wxMaxima: input end ] /

which doesn't indicate the output line. I am not sure how to do that properly. However, if I click on the defined function f(x) and press the F1 key, it displays the function on the output line in the form expected, with all symbols and operators showing. A similar thing happens with variable expressions like x+x; which outputs simply 2, or cos(%pi); which outputs 1 (not -1, any operators or variables are missing in any output).

By the way, no such problem exists on my machine with either maxima from the command line, for example, from a terminal:

(%i3) f(x):=x + cos(x);
(%o3) f(x) := x + cos(x)

or xmaxima from the console: the output is exactly as expected. My apologies again if I have entered forbidden territory here. I will leave quietly if asked. Thank you to anyone who can help.