Windows build report for 13.04.1 (TL;DF: It works... eventually)

  • Rupert Swarbrick


    Just to let you know that, with wxWidgets 2.9 at least, the include files end up in $(prefix)/include/wx-2.9/wx/. Thus the WX_RC_PATH that gets computed in the toplevel is wrong (it misses the wx-2.9 bit). I would suggest a clever fix, but I'm not sure how to get that information from wx-config, without some nasty sed script chopping out bits of the cxxflags...

    That error seems to still be present on master (browsing the code on Sourceforge this evening).

    Since I'm building from the 13.04.1 tarball, the other slight gotcha is that the compiled icon file wxmaxima-doc.ico (presumably built from the .icns file?) don't exist. Grabbing it by hand from the git tree let the build finish. Phew.

    I've spent the evening trying to compile Maxima/wxMaxima on Windows. I now have a new appreciation for Debian, apt-get, vaguely sensible path names and unix terminals! Indeed, I've still got library location problems when trying to run the damn thing (Windows can't work out how to find wxWindows dlls, from the looks of things. But that's not your fault! (-: )


  • Rupert Swarbrick

    (Oh, and I don't know exactly how the forums on SF work. If you respond to this with a question and I don't reply, I probably haven't got a notification email or something. Feel free to ping me at


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