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wxMathPlot 0.1.2 Released!

After a long wait wxMathPlot 0.1.2 is finally out. the main new features are:
* Can now build as a DLL on Windows (works only if wxWidgets are built as DLL) (patch by zundoya)
* Reimplemented scrollers (patch by ngpaton)
* Added mpX_DATE and mpX_DATETIME formats for X axis.
* Axes labels' format can now be set using the SetLabelFormat function, so the user can select the appropriate format fitting his needs.
* Introduced mpWindow::SetColourTheme to set background and foreground colors different from default black on white. mpPrintout will continue to print everything with white background.
* Fixed drawing of labels for mpFX, mpFY and mpFXY.
* Fixed evaluation of m_posY in mpWindow::Fit (margin top to be added, not subtracted)
* Fixed mpFXYVector (and mpFXY) which did not respected margins when set as continuous
* MATHPLOT_DO_LOGGING is now an option to be enabled by CMake building (no more annoying debug infos if not needed)
* Minor fixes.

Posted by cdron77 2009-12-13

Side Project: gpPanel

There is a new project derived from wxMathPlot: it is gpPanel. It adds some new features like bar charts. Some bug fixes has been included in release 0.1.2 of wxMathPlot, but the new layers (for the moment) remains in a separate project, but I'm glad to it announce here. I believe that the codes can merge in the future, but I prefer to delay this, to ensure a more homogeneous interface.

http://code.google.com/p/gppanel/... read more

Posted by cdron77 2009-12-13

wxMathPlot 0.1.1 Released

This is a minor, but nice version: it introduces a new feature, the sohw/hide for single plot layers. This allows to give finer control of visualization. This is also the first release packaged as RPM, enbling to easily install wxMathPlot on rpm-based Linux distributions. They have been tested on Fedora 10 and Centos 5.1, but I believe they should work also on other distributions like Red Hat, SuSE or Mandriva. Let me know... A big thank to all the contributors and users who sent patches, new features and bug reports.

Posted by cdron77 2009-03-14

wxMathPlot 0.1.0 finally available!

After a year of delay, a new shiny release of wxMathPLot is available. This take take a lot of work, but this led to interesting results. The library has been deeply rewritten, and a lot of functionalities added: now you can create a lot of new layer types, add legend, modify axis behaviuor deeply, do rectangular zoom using mouse, print and save screenshots, and a lot more.

Posted by cdron77 2008-12-05

wxMathPlot 0.03 released!

A lot of new features in this new release: mouse controls for panning, scrolling and zooming; the ability to control axes position and to create a grid; double buffering; three new classes for plotting different kind of data; various bug fixes; a logging feature, useful for debug. A very special thank to the contributors who helped to make this release so rich.

Posted by cdron77 2007-09-11

wxMathPlot 0.02 Released!

After a long silence, a new release of wxMathPlot is available. Up to now, the main updates regard debugging and code update for working with more recent versions of wxWidgets. Stay tuned for new functionality releases.

Posted by cdron77 2007-06-13

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