Combined plot

  • Rodger

    Rodger - 2010-02-07

    I am new to wxMathPlot and I have a question maybe someone else can answer.

    This application requires that two parameters be displayed on the same chart, with two different scales. One parameter (altitude) is larger than the other (acceleration.) When this was tried, the altitude was just fine, the acceleration was squashed into almost a straight line.

    Is it possible to do this in wxMathPlot?

  • cdron77

    cdron77 - 2010-02-08

    At the moment, multiple scaling is not supported in wxMathPlot. You need to rescale your data to achieve a better fit.

  • Byron

    Byron - 2014-10-02

    It will be some time before I can implement it, but I have plans to modify the mpWindow, mpFxxx, and mpScale classes to include multiscale capability:

    1) Each scale must occupy a different alignment.
    2) mpFxxx must be linked to particular mpScaleX and mpScaleY layers.
    3) mpFxxx::SetData() will need to send new max/min to both linked scales.
    4) The scales will need to advise mpFxxx layers of changes in screen coordinates.
    5) mpWindow will need arrays for scale layers.
    6) mpWindow will need to check alignment of existing scales before adding new scale.

    If anyone wants to begin without me, feel free and I'll join in later. I'd also like to write a mpLogScale class to be incorporated into the next release.

    Last edit: Byron 2014-10-02

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