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Line manipulation

Kal Mar
  • Kal Mar

    Kal Mar - 2011-01-18

    Hello everyone, I'm new and am just installed mathplot.

    I need to graph a line and go adding control points, which allow me to change the shape of the line, as a control for processes  image-intensive,

    is possible with mathplot?

  • cdron77

    cdron77 - 2011-01-19


    If if you mean something like this, the answer is yes, it is possible.

    The matter is that this kind of tools are closely related to what you need to do, so it is better to implement a specialized class to do it. In that case for example I needed to lock the x coordinate of every control point, but this is not the standard case.

    Some hints for the implementation: derive a class from mpInfoLayer (this allows you to draw a rectangle to be used as control point), and pass to the constructor also a wxEventHandler to ensure that the movement of a node is managed by the containing window (the mpWindow).

    Hope this helps



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