Compiling in release mode under VS 2005

  • Frank Tuffner

    Frank Tuffner - 2009-06-19

    Hello everyone,
      I am running into some issues when I try to compile a project with wxMathPlot into a release version under Visual Studio 2005 (C++ project).  Under debug mode, everything works great.  However as soon as I try to compile a release version, I get "unresolved external symbol "char const * const wxEmptyString" as an error message in mathplot.lib (I'm using static libraries).  I assumed this was related to my initial build of wxMathPlot being in debug mode, but I've tried recompiling it into Release, RelWithDebInfo (Release with Debug), and MinSizeRel without any different results.  If I remove the wxMathPlot portion of the project (and library references), it compiles just fine.  Admittedly, my knowledge of application programming is limited (I'm more of an embedded systems programmer), so I may just be missing something completely obvious.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    • Nigel Paton

      Nigel Paton - 2009-06-19


      The wxEmptyString is a constant global variable defined in wx/string.h.

      So it should be getting the instance of this from the wx libraries (created in src/common/string.cpp).

      One possibility might be that you are compiling wxMathPlot without unicode on but you are compiling the rest of the system with unicode on (and using unicode wx libs). In this case the mathplot lib would be expecting char * whereas the libraries would be providing wchar_t *.



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