Continuity property not implemented?

  • htaka

    htaka - 2011-08-30

    Hi,  this library is (nearly) awesome. Thanks for all involved developers.
    I'd very much like to use this on my daily basis if this issued is solved.

    There seems to be "continuity" property associated with drawings in mpLayers.
    However, although I can see the inline-implemented SetContinuity and GetContinuity methods to set/get m_continuous in mathplot.h, I couldn't find any function using it in mathplot.cpp.
    So is  this property not really implemented yet?

    On the other hand, what I wish to do is simply to draw solid continuous lines by using, for example,  mpFX  or so.
    I modified the Sample1 code with aim to draw simple curves but ended up with very dotted lines as seen in the linked image, even though I specified the pen to be solid.

    Is there a way to get around this and get truly continuous lines? or am I missing something?

    I'm using the latest 0.1.2 source codes and my code for the above image is essentially the same as the one of Sample1. (therefore I don't upload it to avoid a redundancy but if needed, I will)

    Any comments will be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance


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