Can't run the samples

  • Morten MacFly

    Morten MacFly - 2008-07-15

    I am having a problem with running the samples. I am using the MinGW GCC 3.4.5 compiler on Windows. Everything compiles fine, but when I want to run any of the samples I receive the error:

    sample1.exe - Error in application
    The application could not be initialised properly (0xc0000005). Click "OK", to terminate the application.

    Also during compilation (although my linker command seems to be correct), I get tons of errors like:

    Info: resolving wxAppConsole::ms_appInstance        by linking to __imp___ZN12wxAppConsole14ms_appInstanceE (auto-import)
    Info: resolving wxFrame::sm_eventTable       by linking to __imp___ZN7wxFrame13sm_eventTableE (auto-import)

    I know that I can disable these errors by a linker switch, but I wonder if I am missing something obvious... Here are the compilation commands for the library itself and sample1:

    mingw32-g++.exe -Wall -D__WXMSW__ -DwxUSE_UNICODE  -W -g    -IC:\Devel\wxWidgets\include -IC:\Devel\wxWidgets\lib\gcc_dll\mswu -IC:\Devel\wxWidgets\contrib\include -IC:\Devel\GCC345\include  -c D:\wxMathPlot\mathplot.cpp -o .objs\mathplot.o
    ar.exe -r -s lib\libmathplot.a .objs\mathplot.o

    mingw32-g++.exe -Wall -D__WXMSW__ -DwxUSE_UNICODE  -W -g    -IC:\Devel\wxWidgets\include -IC:\Devel\wxWidgets\lib\gcc_dll\mswu -IC:\Devel\wxWidgets\contrib\include -IC:\Devel\GCC345\include  -c D:\wxMathPlot\samples\sample1\mp1.cpp -o .objs\mp1.o
    mingw32-g++.exe -LC:\Devel\wxWidgets\lib\gcc_dll -L..\..\lib -LC:\Devel\GCC345\lib  -o sample1.exe .objs\mp1.o    -lmathplot -lwxmsw28u  -mwindows

    • cdron77

      cdron77 - 2008-12-05

      Try the new 0.1.0 release. This is deeply improved, and you should manage linking flags through CMake ( ).


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