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Laser Tank arrives on Linux.

Laser Tank finally arrives on Linux. I have now fixed almost all of the remaining display issues and wxLaserTank works well and looks great on Ubuntu and Fedora, with minor artifacts remaining on Debian and OpenSUSE. It looks like I will need to rework the GUIs to use sizers to allow full sizing freedom on all platforms. I'll look at that in a while.

In the meantime, wxLaserTank has reached its first major milestone with the release of packaged versions for Linux. :-)... read more

Posted by Gary Harris 2009-12-30

wxLaserTank 4.1.2r2 released

wxLaserTank 4.1.2r2 is released. This version adds language support and numerous improvements and bug fixes.



Posted by Gary Harris 2009-12-10

wxLaserTank 4.1.2

Not wanting to waste any time, version 4.1.2 is here. This release adds all changes and bug fixes that occurred between versions 4.0.2 and 4.1.2 of the original Laser Tank excepting the language support, which I will look at next.


Posted by Gary Harris 2009-11-29

The first release is finally here.

The first alpha release is now available. This version is based on LaserTank 4.02, using wxWidgets 2.8.10, and is only for Windows. Versions for other platforms are planned to follow. I now need some people to test it and provide feedback. Contact can be made via the mailing list and bug tracker, for the moment, and I will be looking at setting up a forum for the project as I think that that's probably an easier way for most people to communicate their experience.... read more

Posted by Gary Harris 2009-11-27

wxLaserTank Update

Yes, after 7 years or so I have finally decided that it is time I finished this project. Since both I and wxWidgets (no longer wxWindows) have moved ahead in the intervening time, I have now finished the conversion and have a working game. There remain a couple of items to attend to but I hope to have a release ready in the next month or so. I also have exams to contend with in that time but I'm confident that I am not far from a release. The first release will be for Windows and the English language only but other platforms and languages will follow.... read more

Posted by Gary Harris 2009-10-22

First CVS commit

I have committed the first public version of wxLaserTank to the CVS repository. This version shows all features and functions except game play, since keyboard and mouse control of the game board are not yet functioning.

The code was created and compiled with VC++ 6 SP5 and wxWindows 2.3.3. wxWindows is available here on SourceForge and has a home page at

A file release will occur once a I have a playable version.

Posted by Gary Harris 2002-06-08

Progress report 7/5/02

wxLaserTank is making steady progress. Conversion is complete and the main tasks remaining are bug fixing and fine tuning the graphical display. The game is not yet playable but this is not far off, problems with timers and display being the main hold-ups.

Hopefully, a release is not far off. :-)

Posted by Gary Harris 2002-05-07

Here we are!

wxLaserTank is a wxWindows conversion of Laser Tank, a puzzle and strategy game by
Jim Kindley (http://www.jccontrols.net/laser/). This is a port to wxWindows for MS Windows. wxWindows is an open source C++ GUI framework for cross-platform programming. Jim's original Laser Tank runs on MS Windows. The source code is freely available. Users of wxLaser Tank will be able to compile and/or run the game on a wide range of systems. ... read more

Posted by Gary Harris 2002-04-19