#31 Support reading/writing Intel HEX & Motorola S-Record files.


In addition editing binary files, I often have to modify a binary file encoded as an Intel HEX or Motorola S-record files. These are plain text files that store binary data, it would be very handy to be able to edit the binary data stored in one these formats and save it back.


  • Death Knight®

    Death Knight® - 2013-04-13

    I don't think if this is a good idea since wxHexEditor just designed with real binary files not eligible to edit those files.

    I could try make a importer/exporter but one of the columns at that files indicate the offset and those offset could start from 0x1000 instead of zero.

    Also those offset addresses could have GAP in it, which is the real problem.

    What could I do to handle that? I don't believe if any other binary hex editors support this. Your feature request means requires to code some other program.

    Writing such a program and including to wxHexEditor is possible thing but does it's worth?. If you make such a job (since source is open, you could actually do that), than I could add those support to wxHexEditor.

    If you or anyone has willing to do that, here is the way on my mind:
    You can open hex file with wxHexEditor as a raw file, than "disable Hex and Offset Panels". That converts wxHexEditor to a standard text editor. After you need to code that auto-calculate "CRCs" at file. Also you need to add "auto-tags" for indicate things like "S1" and "Offset" columns. HexTextEditor class also could support formatting of source by little effort, that means you can place "spaces" into view but this hack don't changes the file, which is handy to indicate different columns. Ah I forget to enable "\r\n" characters for new lines. As I said before, it's possible but that looks like coding another project, not wxHexEditor.

  • Death Knight®

    Death Knight® - 2015-11-26
    • status: open --> wont-fix

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