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I've worked with both wxhaskell and gtk2hs.  I prefer wxhaskell for elegant design.  And I like that it gives me a native Mac OS X look.  There is a partially working native Gtk for Mac, but I don't think it works with 3D, which was a requirement for me.  The X11 mode is painful & ugly, and awfully disappointing considering how much more expensive a Mac is than a Linux machine.

In spite of these reasons, I'm using gtk2hs for the time being, because wxhaskell has a problem that makes it very unfriendly to ghci.  The second attempt to display a GUI kills its host process.  This behavior is okay for many (but not all) compiled programs, but is a killer for interactive/exploratory development.  As soon as I hear that this problem is fixed, I'll very happily return to wxhaskell.

Longer term, I want Haskell GUI programming to move away from these massively complex OO imperative frameworks to something much more elegant and harmonious with the spirit and benefits of pure functional/denotative programming.

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Haskell noob considering to write desktop gui app by developing on

Moreover, I'd like the application to be multi-platform and to be
nicely supported on Mac OS X and finally (the least priority) on

For long time I was considering gtk2hs (yeah, I'm 'learning' Haskell
too long), but recently one of the important targets for the app
switched from Windows to Mac, and now I'm considering wxhaskell as

Now, based on what I know so far wxhaskell may be better supported on
Mac since GTK+ port is not finished. otoh, I'm a bit concerned about
"Since the core interface is generated automatically from the wxEiffel
binding..." and visiting the project show the status notice:

"The 0.7 release will probably be the last official release.

The project lost its core developer following the 0.7 release in late
June 2003 and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to take on this
vital role. "

So, my question is if this dependency on wxEiffel will change soon,
especially considering the upcoming wx-3.0 release?

Another concern is question of memory management touched upon in the
following article:


So, can someone share some thoughts about gtk2hs vs. wxhaskell with
the reference to ease of use, learning curve etc. for a noob not being
too familiar with none of the toolkits and considering suitability for
multi-platform development in Haskell for (priority order) Linux, Mac
and Windows?

I've noticed that wxhaskell is improving ease of install (I'm arch
user) -


and it may be that more devs are actively working on it atm.

Otoh, wx toolkit is often not very much likened (upon mentioning it),
at least, on Linux platform where people recommend Qt and GTK+ (in
general, I prefer GTK+ look over Qt which I do not consider as
option). Why is it so?



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