As long as there's a single binary (per release per platform) I'm for opengl being part of it.

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 6:56 AM, Eric Y. Kow <> wrote:

Answering the one question I know an answer to.

> In the meanwhile, I also found that the 0.10.3 binaries loose the
> opengl support compared with 0.9.4 as pointed in
> Is there some reason for this?

There used to be a flag bug in wxWidgets/wxHaskell, where (1)
wxWidgets/wxHaskell would include opengl support even if you did not
ask for it and (2) you still needed to pass --with-opengl in order
for the appropriate right set of linker flags to be used when building
applications.  Otherwise, people got strange GL-related errors when
compiling their apps, even if they weren't using OpenGL in any way.

We have now fixed that error so that you can now compile it without that
flag and still link your applications succesfully.

That said, we have not established a policy on what extra batteries
should be included with the default binaries.  I guess a good thing to
aim for is the most extras we can get that also come with a vanilla
wxWidgets on all platforms.  If you're willing to do research on that,
we can go re-think what flags to use.  I'm guessing that since prior
versions of wxHaskell had opengl support, this kind of thing is OK.

I'm personally hoping that a future wxhaskell will allow to install
extras separately (e.g., that you could download just a binary for
opengl support), but we haven't really worked out the right way to
do this right.

So what does this mean for you?  Well, if you're willing to do so, you
could recompile it yourself with flags.  Otherwise, we could think about
making yet another release (0.10.3-1) with opengl and some minor fixes
in the makefile/configure script.

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