I did get wxHaskell-0.10.1 and wxWidgets-2.4.2 working together.  Multiple 'start's (hence ghci-friendly), and no string truncation, so I'm content.  And I prefer the more vertically compact visual style of sliders in 2.4.2 over 2.6.3.  I was fooled at first in recompiling wxWidgets with --enable-unicode.  I had to completely empty out my "mybuild" directory, not just "make clean" to fix string truncation (unicode glitch).   - Conal

On 12/8/06, Jeremy O'Donoghue <jeremy.odonoghue@gmail.com > wrote:
Hi Conal,

On 07/12/06, Conal Elliott <conal@conal.net> wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
> Thanks for the detailed pointers about wxWidgets, GUIs, and multi-threading.
>  My use is actually very simple.  The only reason I wanted multiple
> (sequential, not concurrent) invocations of 'start' is for convenience of
> use in ghci.
> I recently switched from wxWidgets 2.4.2 to 2.6.3, and I remember that this
> problem was worked around in 2.4.2 for use with ghci.  Is there really no
> way to fix the situation with 2.6.3?

This is what Daan said (in passing, in the context of another message
about the new wxHaskell maintenance team):

"Finally, I am not convinced that we should always use the latest
wxWidgets version: In particular, the 2.4.2 version is the only one
that lets you start and restart wxhaskell apps under GHCI under
window. The newer versions use static c++ classes and the destructors
are not called once the dll is loaded under GHCI (fixing this requires
fixing wxWidgets or letting GHCI reload DLL's too)."

> Do wxWidgets-2.4.2, wxHaskell-0.10.1 and ghc-6.6 get along together,
> including unicode issues?

I believe so (translation: I managed to get it to work on my PC under
WinXP). I understand that Unicode support in 2.4.2 is not so thorough
as for 2.6.3, although my Unicode requirements are minimal, so I
wouldn't expect to have seen any significant issues. Eric is working
on ways to test Unicode support more thoroughly. He's already
published one darcs patch.

In a couple of days (i.e. when it works...) I will be recompiling my
wx 2.4.2 based installation to test the new NMAKE makefile for wxc
(intention is to avoid the messy editing of Visual Studio project
files and create something easier to maintain). I'll let you know how
that goes.

> Does anyone use ghci with wxHaskell-0.10.1 and ghc-6.6?

Yes, although it's not my primary platform by a long way.


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