I tried compiling wxHaskell following that http://www.nabble.com/wxhaskell-package-for-ubuntu-feisty,-amd64-t4441654.html guide and it didn't quite work

./configure --with-opengl
checking system:
 wx-config found
 ghc found
 ghc-pkg found
 Unable to find: haddock
 You won't be able to generate documentation.
 You can specify the haddock executable on the command line.
 For example: ./configure --haddock=/usr/local/bin/haddock

 install program found

creating configuration files:

 library:     wxhaskell-0.10.1  (release 0)
 compiler:    ghc-6.6
 wxwidgets:   gtk-2.6.3
 with openGL: yes
 with stc:    no
 library dir: /usr/lib

 type 'make' to build wxhaskell.
 type 'make install' to install wxhaskell.
 type 'make help' to receive help on all other make targets

so far so good.

$ make
ghc -c wxdirect/src/HaskellNames.hs -o out/wxdirect/HaskellNames.o -iout/wxdirect -odir out/wxdirect -hidir out/wxdirect  -package parsec

    Failed to load interface for `Data.Time':
      Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
make: *** [out/wxdirect/HaskellNames.o] Error 1

Not good :(

Can you help me please?

Regards, qubodup