Hi all,

As promised, an interim update on the wxHaskell situation, along with a request to Haskell-Cafe (someone there should know...)

Firstly, thanks to all who have volunteered to help. Subject to final confirmations, I hope that we will have a core of around 5-6 people who are willing to 'own' specific aspects of wxHaskell. This should enable us to reduce the workload on each individual to a reasonable level. I would welcome more contributors, however, and we will need this if we are to start significantly extending wxHaskell functionality in time.

The initial objective will be to make wxHaskell compile cleanly 'out of the box' against wxWidgets 2.6.3 on Linux (Debian test platform), Mac OS X and Windows, for both unicode and non-unicode builds. The first distribution will be strictly source code, although we will look at binary and/or Cabal packaging in the future. I would hope to target around the end of August for this release, subject to everything going smoothly.

Several people have said that they would prefer a darcs repository to CVS (as currently used at Sourceforge) - and I must admit that this seems to make sense to me for a Haskell project as the community really should eat its own dogfood ;-)

Is there a formal mechanism to request hosting at darcs.haskell.org ? If so, whom do I ask? As a matter of interest, does it make sense to provide this information somewhere to any interested developers on the wiki - I couldn't find it anywhere.

I am willing to do the migration of the current CVS repository from Sourceforge, if a darcs repo becomes available to us.