Personally, when I use wxHaskell, I am used to see wxWidgets' documentation (
What I do is, find the class/object in wxcore (eg. ScrolledWindow) and then  search his documentation in wxWidgets. 
In that way I know what functions are in wxHaskell, and what aren't, and of course what they do.

Regards, Carlos Gomez

On 13 July 2011 06:47, 诺铁 <> wrote:
    I am trying to use treeControl, and I find that the sample "FileBrowse.hs" maybe the only useful documentation of this control.  BTW,the sample is quite good for me to learn to use treeControl.
    doc for some function can't be found,eg,wxcBeginBusyCursor, wxcEndBusyCursor , I guess the name should describe its function,but I wish to read it's documentation to comfirm it, and to see whether I can find other useful things.
    so, can anybody pls give me a link to it's documentation?

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