Patch for wxc added, built, tested and pushed to Hackage and (as wxc

The Hackage version also now includes Eric's GHC 7.1.x fix.


On 14 April 2012 15:09, Jeremy O'Donoghue <> wrote:
I think I have already worked out the patch - so don't worry too much.


On 14 April 2012 15:08, Eric Kow <> wrote:
Nice catches!

On 14 Apr 2012, at 14:31, Heinrich Apfelmus wrote:
> Apologies for the long description, I just don't know how to send a patch.

Can you do the following?

darcs record
darcs send -O

and then email the patch to

If you have an MTA like postfix or msmtp set up, darcs can automate the emailing

Eric Kow <>

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