Hi Shelarcy,
It's great to see you back...
2012/1/6 shelarcy <shelarcy@gmail.com>
This version has two installing problem.

1. wxdirect's sdist dropped IOExtra module, so I can't install this version.
I uploaded newer version for fixing this problem, and attached a patch
for fixing same problem in Dave's wxhaskell-dev branch.
I have just applied this to my local repo, and it will be uploaded tonight. Thanks.

2. It seems that wxcore depends on Eric's wx-config implicitly at least
Windows environment. "cabal install" fail with wx-config-win binary,
and "cabal install" success with Eric's one. If wxcore depends on
wx-config package in only Windows environment, I think we should upload
Eric's wx-config package, and modify wxcore to denped on wx-config package
on  Windows environment for workaround.

if os(windows)
  Build-Depends: wx-config
This is surprising. I am using wx-config-win on my Windows environment (when I run wx-config -v, I get "wx-config revision 26 2006-12-21"). I deliberately did not choose to use Eric's version as he had noted some issues with it.
We should investigate your problem further (I am also using wPack 2.8.12)
Best regards