Hi wxHaskellers,

I am about to apply a fairly significant set of changes to the wxHaskell master repository at code.haskell.org. This is in order that I can apply the changes needed to support wxWidgets versions from 2.9 onwards, and the major architectural changes this entails.

The changes will be as follows:

When the new versions are committed, they will be accompanied by uploads to Haskage from both branches, along with build instructions for both versions.

Shortly after the formal release of 0.15, I will be producing a cabal wrapper for wx-config on Windows. This will simplify the Windows build significantly, as it currently depends on my privately updated version of wx-config-win on Google code.

Please shout loudly and soon if you have any problem with what I am planning to do, as I am planning to make these changes within the next week. The wxWidgets 2.9 support has been waiting in limbo for too long now (my fault, I accept).

Best regards