Hi lists,

A Happy New Year to all, and with it a chance to talk about some imminent changes in wxHaskell. There is nothing new in this mail for those who follow the wxhaskell-devel list, but for users who are interested in the evolution of the project, I thought this would be a good time to summarise.

First, there will be a new release of wxHaskell in the next few days. This is mainly a bugfix edition, but also reinstates some features which were lost with Cabalization. Specifically:

This will be the last update of wxHaskell to support the wxWidgets 2.8.x releases.

Following shortly afterwards, the very exciting news is that a number of people (Dave Tapley in particular) have been putting a lot of work over the last few months towards support of the wxWidgets 2.9 releases. This does introduce a small number of breaking changes as the wxWidgets API has changed in places, but brings with it quite a number of improvements:

We will make a release of wxHaskell with all of the new features soon after the changes have been merged into the main repository, and have been more fully tested on all of our supported platforms.

Best regards