Hi Lists,
I am please to announce that wxHaskell 0.13.2 has just been uploaded to Hackage.
This is mainly a bugfix release, although it brings a few useful changes:
This is intended to be the final wxHaskell release supporting wxWidgets 2.8.x.
Provided that you have a suitable Unicode wxWidgets 2.8 install configured on your machine, you should be able to install with. cabal install wx
In the near future, we will be committing an updated wxHaskell release supporting wxWidgets 2.9, but this implies a number of breaking API changes, and the size of team supporting wxHaskell is not large enough to cover both. As such, this release is recommended to those who will not be able to move to wxWidgets 2.9 and later.
The next release has more significant improvements planned, including wrapping several additional wxWIdgets libraries and restoring correct operation in GHCi. We do not have a formal timeline as yet, but the code is working in test repositories, and mainly needs work to make it cross-platform clean.
This release has been tested on the following platforms:
I do not have access to an OS X platform for test, so would appreciate feedback on any issues found by OS X users. There are known to be issues on 64 bit OS X builds, which will be addressed in the next release.
The source repository at code.haskell.org has not yet been updated with the patches. This will happen in the next day or so.
Best regards