Hi lists,
There have been a number of discussions over the past week or so on the future of wxC. I'm not as good as Dave at cross-referencing everything, but at the very least we have:
What I have tried to do is to raise the option of making wxC a separate project to other groups (Dave and Eric have reached out to a couple of other comunities as well), and see whether there is much interest out there.
The most concrete interest has come from the D community, which lacks a good GUI binding, and which (it seems to me, based entirely on blog noise) is growing pretty rapidly, with some more vague interest coming from the wxWidgets community more generally (and granted that I have not done much to reach out in that direction).
I must say that I am at least somewhat convinced that there is demand for wxC 'out there', and it is therefore worth making an initial effort to make wxC a viable option for other language communities.
With this in mind, I would like to suggest a staged approach - comments and opinions are very welcome.
  1. The first stage is to simply get wxHaskell with 2.9.x support out of the door. I don't think we should change anything at this stage, other than that it definitely makes more sense to use wx-config-win on Windows platforms if we are going to work with others.
  2. The second stage is to spin wxC off as a separate project.
    1. Eric will probably kill me for saying this, but I think GitHub is probably the right place, possibly keeping Sourceforge as the project website and distribution point (I personally don't much like git, but it has mindshare, and probably makes more sense than Darcs for a non-Haskell project - plus my experience with patch-tag and darcsden has been that 'getting going' on a Windows machine is far from trivial). I could be persuaded to change my mind on this one, but probably only if one of the Darcs hosts can get the experience 'right' on Windows clients.
    2. Keep the Cabal-based build system to start with, until there is clear evidence of non-Haskell contributions.
  3. If wxC turns out to have legs, the main areas to attack should be:
    1. Move to bakefile based build.
    2. Automated generation of the binding.
I must say that comments to the blog posting in particular were really quite encouraging, but I don't waht to put the cart before the horse. In particular, Gour (an ex-Haskeller) and Andrej seem keen to try out what we have already with D, which would make an excellent proof of concept.
Once we've had some discussion (say around the middle of the week), I'd like to blog on what we propose to do, and start to reach out a bit further to other groups.