On 5 January 2012 17:44, Jeremy O'Donoghue <jeremy.odonoghue@gmail.com> wrote:
The source repository at code.haskell.org has not yet been updated with the patches. This will happen in the next day or so.
The source repository at code.haskell.org has now been updated with wxHaskell 0.13.2 plus the two patches (add IOExtra to wxdirect and remove old-time from wxcore) from Shelarcy.
I suggest a period of one more week (i.e. until 15th Jan 2012) for any further issues or fixes on the 0.13.2 series. After that, Dave, Eric and others will start to upload the changes needed to support wxWidgets 2.9.x.
These changes will not work against wxWidgets 2.8.x installations, and are pretty significant in places. Please expect the main repo to unstable for a while after next Sunday.
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