On 7 March 2012 14:38, Eric Kow <eric.kow@gmail.com> wrote:
Note that this work is very far behind Dave and Jeremy's efforts.  I'm hoping it'll eventually be obsolete in some future when we've merged everything we need to merge.

I'm in the process of trying to pull this all together.

One piece of good news is that I have just gotten my hands on a MacBook Pro with a copy of VMWare Fusion. This means I have all of our supported platforms available to me to test (well, a 32 bit Debian Stable, 64 bit Windows 7 Enterprise and OSX Lion, which is a pretty good cross-section, I think).

The less good news is that every attempt I have made to merge Dave's branch with the mainline automatically has failed. I have given up and am doing the merge manually.

This will result in identical source code in the end (I'm taking some care over that), but there's a fair chance that I'll miss off some of the check-in comments, although I'm doing my best to follow the order in which work was done on the code.

Manual merging is not huge fun, and pretty painstaking, so please bear with me - I want to get it right before I commit anything for wider use.