I'm a bit confused by this. Isn't /opt/local used by Macports rather than Homebrew?
also, does non-ghci stuff work?

On Monday, 23 April 2012, Andrew Butterfield wrote:
I've done yet another attempt at installing wxHaskell on Mac OS X (Intel, Snow Leopard)
following the page at 


I setup ghc 7.0.4
I did brew install wxmac --devel

I am then asked to check my path to make sure I am using  "my" wxWidgets and not the default one

(I had deleted an old reference to wx 2.8 - now my path does not mention wxwidgets at all)

wx2.9.3 was installed by homebrew in /opt/local/.... but I had no idea what to put in my path
(A question to stackoverflow got a completely useless answer....)

So I decided to soldier on...
  I did   cabal install wx cabal-macosx   --- waited - all installed just fine - it seemed
to have picked up all the stuff installed by brew.

I then got the EnableGUI module as described lower down the page
it compiled fine
I then edited HelloWord.hs to import it
,and then started ghci as recommended

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