On 1 June 2011 05:09, ŵ <notyycn@gmail.com> wrote:
I should have subscribe to this list. I tried to subscribe again,and recieve

"An attempt was made to subscribe your address to the mailing list
wxhaskell-users@lists.sourceforge.net.  You are already subscribed to this mailing list."

list manager,would please check my subscribe status,thank you.

You are subscribed, and your 'moderate' flag has been cleared.
On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 6:44 AM, Henk-Jan van Tuyl <hjgtuyl@chello.nl> wrote:
On Tue, 31 May 2011 22:13:42 +0200, ŵ <notyycn@gmail.com> wrote:

   it seems that this list require approval,which is quite slow. so I guess
maybe it's not right place to ask user questions. so where is the right

New subscribers to the list always have a 'moderate' flag set, so your first posting is held in a queue to make sure that it is relevant. After your first (relevant) post to the list, mails are no longer moderated, as you will have noticed - this mail thread has appeared on the list without delay.

I accept that this is an inconvenience for new list users - I know that when I have a question I always want an immediate answer, and it can be frustrating when this doesn't happen. Unfortunately, over 95% of mail sent to wxHaskell lists is spam, so moderation is an essential part of keeping the list relevant and useful.

I try to moderate reasonably frequently, but you need to know that:
  1. I am located in the UK, so mail sent while I am asleep definitely won't get moderated until I wake up! I typically look to see if I should moderate once a day, so again, and depending on timing, you may be unlucky and get your question delayed.
  2. I am by far the moderator on the list, so if I'm away or very busy, things happen more slowly than daily. Actually, Eric helps out as a courtesy when my response is slow, but it's only a courtesy (i.e. the responsibility for responsiveness is mine)
  3. I am pretty busy outside of wxHaskell with a fairly heavy day job (I am the software lead on two significant, non-Haskell, projects with a major fabless semiconductor company) and a young family. Inevitably, these have to come first.
The moderation flag only applies to new list members, so I don't believe you will see the problem again.
If you subscribe to this list, your e-mails do not require approval; it is the right place for user questions.

This is definitely the correct place for questions.

I would also like to mention that the wxHaskell community is fairly small, although we try to follow the example of the wider Haskell community in being as helpful as possible. This means that there may not be so many people who can give a good answer to your question.

Best regards