To hopefully avoid an unnecessary detour today:

Installing wxHAskell 0.9 with wxWidgets 2.9.3 in Mac OS 10.6.8.

Before I build and install the wxWidgets lib locally:

I note the WxHAskell/Mac instructions (in step 3) insist the older pre-installed widgets should not be found in /usr/bin,
and the proposed configuration parameters (in step 2) put the widgets in /usr/local/, but I am slightly reluctant to mess
about with the original installed version if possible.

Is the wx install indiscriminate in its choice of widgets library version, and will just try to go with the first one it finds, 
or will it search for an appropriate compatible version?  

I was hoping to either do something like
 cabal install wx cabal-macosx --extra-lib-dirs=<PATH TO MY LOCAL WIDGETS 2.9 LIB DIR>

OR to add the local widgets lib dir onto $PATH  (in paths.d for example) where it would be searched
after /usr/bin (I believe).   (+ I presume this is also what would happen if I just installed in /usr/local as
per the instructions, without also removing the old widgets, 
and presumably 'which wx-config' will still find the old one first in this case) 

Will this approach  not/work OK?

TIA / Henry