very kind for the reply, thanks
>- making sure you have a 64bit wxWidgets
How can I do this ?

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Le mardi 19 mars 2013 à 15:38, Eric Kow a écrit :

Do any of the following help?

- making sure you have a 64bit wxWidgets
- using debug-wx to see what stage things go wrong at?
(it's a collection of hello worlds for different layers)
- using my cabal-macosx branch?

I might have forgotten to do a release, in which case sorry.

I'm on Lion, using ghc 7.4.1, wxWidgets from the Homebrew installer

On 19 Mar 2013, at 00:01, luc taesch wrote:

Are there any setup to do after install , (the equivalent of LD_CONFIG ?)

what i did , following [0 ]

1/ install wxwigets went fine

2/ but I cannot get a helllo world example running .
the cabal-macosx does not seems to be seen ( what
is expected in fact ?). any setup ?

3/ trying and run the sample by hand raise an Error

Anyway this is much farther I ever been on a haskell gui install on the mac.
but not good enough so far.
I would love trying reactive banana.

ar there any positive experience of installing wx on 10.8
( according to [0], yes) ?
any tricks to know ?

details here : due to size limitations.

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