Claus Reinke wrote:
Hi Daan,

that's good news! as you will see from the imminent communities 
report, I was just about to give up on wxhaskell:-)
?? Why would you give up on wxHaskell? :-) Seriously, if you
have real problems, please tell me so and we can see what
to do about it.
But I don't quite understand your latest mails: is the updated
wxHaskell really meant for the (now) old ghc 6.4.0?? There are
quite a few more bugfixes in 6.4.1, and it is now required for
building ghc HEAD, I think, so wouldn't it be more useful to 
have wxHaskell work with 6.4.1 on windows?
Hmm, when I do "ghc --version" it says:

> The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 6.4

I guessed tis means 6.4.0 and that 6.4.1 is the current
development version of ghc. I plan to only release binary
versions for stable versions of ghc -- people with development
versions of ghc are usually able to build wxHaskell themselves.

The latest development version of GHC works out of the box
with wxHaskell as it has real bugfixes that fix the current
problems on windows (while my bugfix release works around it).

-- Daan.


This is a bugfix release of wxHaskell version 0.9.4 for Windows
platforms with GHC 6.4. The interpreter GHCi 6.4 now works with
wxHaskell without problems. Thanks to Sigbjorn Finne for fixing this

Well, thanks to the hard work of Sigbjorn Finne,
I have found a way to use GHCi-6.4 without crashing
on windows. So, I'll make a new updated release soon
that works with the standard GHCi-6.4.0 -- hopefully,
this saves you the work of rebuilding.

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