Hi Luc,
I will just answer all your questions in one go :-)
does wxhaskell support drag and drop ? 
No, not yet. It needs some more C wrapper support. However,
it is easy to add and it will be there in version 0.3 or something.
(I plan to release 0.2 in a few weeks). (unless you add it for me and
send me the patches... see wxDropTarget and friends).
 >  Is there any (layout ?) possibilities to have the notebook "buttons" on the (right side) rather than on the top ? 
Yes. You have to create the notebook with the "wxNB_RIGHT" flag.  Look at the
source code in "WX.Controls" to see how to create a notebook control.
(it seems from the docs though that "wxNB_RIGHT" is not supported yet by
wxWindows under windowsXP).
 >  doew wxhaskell  support  bitmapbuttons ? 
Yes. Use a "wxBitmapButton". with "bitmapButtonCreate".
 > does wxHaskell support  rightclick menu, an dideally specific to an area , say on a button ?
Yes. Use "on clickRight" together with "menuPopup".
I hope this helps,
All the best.
ps. I think you could have answered the last three questions yourself by
studying the documentation and samples. Don't worry though :-), I am very
happy that you use my stuff and I have no problem answering any
questions at all -- however, any time I spend on email can't be spend on
advancing wxHaskell. Therefore, try to experiment and study the docs a little
bit before asking questions.