Setting the clientSize of a BitmapButton AFTER creation doesn't work for me. Maybe my layout is the problem, but I don't know what I did wrong. I have just a simple control panel with the 16 buttons and a statustext. The buttons are in a list and the layout is set by:
 WX.set p [
    layout := column 5 [ hstretch $ widget statusText
      , column 4
                      [ row 4 (map widget (take 4 buttons))
        , row 4 (map widget (take 4 (drop 4 buttons)))
        , row 4 (map widget (take 4 (drop 8 buttons)))
        , row 4 (map widget (take 4 (drop 12 buttons)))
          , enabled := panelStatus gSt ais
Everything else works good. For example to set the visibility of a button to false after clicking it.
Who knows..
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Subject: bitmapButton with windows..

First of all I want to thank all people who worked on the binary windows release of wxHaskell.
Now I can compile my programms without having trouble because I don't have to compile wxHaskell by myself.
Thank you for not forgetting the OpenGl thing :)))
Now one question. When I create a bitmapButton, then the button is resized to the size of the image. On my windows xp box this isn't the case. The buttons keep their small size and the image borders are cut away.
I tried to convert my png files for the buttons to bmp format and played with all kind of clientSize, outerSize..
without success. The gtk on linux don't have such problems. Is there a way to fix it or is there a restriction of the size of images on buttons on windows?
I definitely need some button thing displaying a 60x60 image and react on clicks...
The creation of the buttons is just simple code:
bitmapButton p
  [ picture := ("./Pictures/stone" ++ (show i)++ ".BMP")
  , on click := (\_ ->(buttSelectStone (id2Stone i) varGP) >>
                   updatePlayerPanel varGP statusText p >>
                   repaint p)
  , clientSize := sz 90 90]