Hi All,
  Thanks for all the replies, I'm going with the inheritance approach, it seems to be the way of choice (plus after testing out the mixed code way, it didn't like it would be very maintainable in the long term).
  Also, with my comment about many generated event handlers, it seems that was a hang-over from using 0.6.0. As a generate with overwrite set cleaned them up, then using non-overwrite again only produced single handlers.


On Sat, 2008-10-25 at 11:09 +0200, Alberto Griggio wrote:

> > What I always do is allow wxGlade to generate a base class for my
> > windows. In my code I then derive my implementation from this base
> > class. In this derivation I then override the generated event
> > handlers.

Yes, inheritance is definitely the recommended way of going. Mixing
wxGlade-generated code and user code is a relic of the past, it's
error-prone and can lead to spaghetti code... That being said, however,
if you notice something strange, please report it so somebody can take a
look at it.


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