#30 Imports and events for custom widgets

Next Release
Don Taylor

1) Add an Imports tab to the CW Properties that lets you specify your own imports statements to be placed after the generated "import wx" statement.

2) Add an Events tab to the CW Properties that looks like the existing Events tab on a regular widget but where the entries are blank and where there is provision to add custom event names and handlers.


The lack of these two features means that you have to edit the generated wxGlade Python code file to put them in manually. I prefer not to touch these files and make modifications in a file containing classes derived from the generated files.

This feature request was briefly discussed on the mailing list on 03/12/2006.


  • Dietmar Schwertberger

    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Dietmar Schwertberger
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  • Dietmar Schwertberger

    With revision 0.8.0a10 there are multiple code properties. In "Code to be inserted after", you can register event handlers.
    In a later version, I will add also the blank event entries (not only for custom widget but for all).


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