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#81 Subdirectories not autogenerated using separate output path

Ripta Pasay

Windows XP, ActivePerl 5.8.7 (8xx), wxPerl 0.25,
wxGlade 0.4-cvs.

What I did:
1. Create new project in C:\Projects\TestProject and
save as C:\Projects\TestProject\TestProject.wxg
2. Add new frame. Class Test::Frame::Main
3. Code generation: separate file. Language: perl.
Compatibility: 2.5.

Scenario A. Using output path C:\Projects\TestProject
The perl file is written, no errors raised. The frame
class is written into
C:\Projects\TestProject\Test\Frame\ (the
subdirectory C:\Projects\TestProject\Test\Frame was
auto-created by wxGlade). The application can then be
run, the frame is loaded without any errors.

Scenario B. Using output path C:\Projects\TestProject.bin
I manually created C:\Projects\TestProject.bin because
wxGlade said the output path must already exist. Code
is generated and no errors were raised. However, upon
C:\Projects\TestProject.bin\Test\Frame\ is not
generated automatically, causing the application to not
produce the frame and die stating that it cannot find
Creating C:\Projects\TestProject.bin\Test manually does
not fix the autogenerating issue.
To fix, I had to manually create
C:\Projects\TestProject.bin\Test\Frame. After creating
it, code generation created automatically,
which caused the application to be able to load properly.
This, sadly, needed to be done manually every time a
new package is made.


  • D.H.

    D.H. - 2005-08-10

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    solution is to change os.mkdir to os.makedirs in

    but I can't make the change immediately,
    cvs seems to be broken

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