#142 Inner classes cause error


Using wxglade 0.6.3, the py_codegen has problems if the file has inner classes at the start of the file. e.g.

class foo:
class bar:
def barstuff(self, etc.)

 def foostuff(self, etc.)

Causes codegen to fail to find the handler block location for class Foo, and to leave its "nonce" token(s) behind.


Patches: #23


  • kxroberto

    kxroberto - 2010-10-07

    should be solved by patch 3082839

  • Carsten Grohmann

    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • assigned_to: Carsten Grohmann
    • Group: --> Development Version
  • Carsten Grohmann

    Hi Patrick,

    I'm sorry to reject your bug report and the related patch [patches:#23].
    I've reviewed your suggested change and I'm sure it would work fine.

    The current code generator code is mostly copy-paste code with small changes inside the functions. I spend some hours to consolidate parts of this code e.g. to get same features for all languages as well as to simplify bug fixing. Nevertheless the code generators are still different at the moment.

    Your change would revert this work by spreading the code generators.

    You could use derived classes to implement the functionality you're need. This is a usable workaround.

    I hope that's ok for you. If not, please re-open this bug report.




    Patches: #23

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