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multipage postscript render viewer for wx app

  • ad454

    ad454 - 2005-12-08

    Can I use wxGhostscript to provide a GUI multi-page postscript viewer for an existing wxWindows application.  Also, since my wx app is a commercial close-source (but free) application, are there any licencing issues?

    I would like to provide a "ghostview" or Adobe acrobat viewer functionality to my wx app, so that users can view rendered postscript that is stored in memory, not a file.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Nigel Hathaway

      Nigel Hathaway - 2005-12-08

      The answer is: yes, that was the original intention. There are no licencing issues from a wxGhostscript point of view. However, you need to be aware of the licensing issues regarding the re-distribution of Ghostscript itself (see their website and GPL vs AFPL).

      In practice, you will potentially find that memory is an issue. Clearly, you will run out of memory if you try to store the images of lots of pages at high magnification in memory. How much of a problem depends on which OS you are using. You will find Mac OS 9 the hardest to get things working in.

      Note also that wxGhostscript is using the version of wxWidgets that was current at the time. There is a newer version since. Note also that wxWidgets is not bug-free (!!).


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