missing semicolons etc.

  • zupftom

    zupftom - 2007-05-19


    first of all, thanks for this useful wrapper that makes working with Ghostscript that easy.  I tried out wxGhostscript with wxDev-C++ on WinXP, both with the MinGW and Visual C++ compilers, and as far as I can see it works perfectly with that setup.  Strangely I had to fix some missing semicolons in lines 1310, 1336 and 1381 of ghostscript.cpp.  From browsing the CVS it looks to me they already have been missing in earlier versions of that file.  Why didn't anybody notice?  I was also warned wxUsleep was deprecated (should be replaced by wxMilliSleep).  And finally, what's probably most important on Windows, the registry must also be searched for GPL Ghostscript (currently it does only search for GNU and AFPL Ghostscript).  As AFPL Ghostscript is discontinued, it is now very likely that an app using wxGhostscript will fail to find the Ghostscript dll (in fact, IdePS does not find it unless you point it to the correct directory using the preferences dialog).  Shouldn't that be fixed in the CVS?


    • Nigel Hathaway

      Nigel Hathaway - 2007-06-11

      You're probably build against a newer version of wxWindows. I haven't done anything on this project for quite a while, and needs bringing up to date. The missing semi-colons are almost certainly from parts of the code the have never been compiler or run.

      Did you get it all to work?

    • zupftom

      zupftom - 2007-06-30

      Yes, after fixing those tiny things (mainly adding three semicolons and GPL Ghostscript), wxGhostscript worked perfectly with my app.  I can draw PostScript graphics in a window and can even interact with it using the mouse (by translating the screen coordinates to PS coordinates according to the CTM and then sending some PostScript commands to stdin).

      I did not try to compile the IDE.  I'm only a C++ beginner and really very, very happy that with wxWidgets, wxDev-C++ and wxGhostscript it actually was really easy (even for a C++ newbie like me) to create a test program that allows for some "interactive PostScript".  (I'm more focused on PostScript than on C++.)  Thanks very much for your thorough work!  I did not try compiling anything under Linux yet either, but if I should do so in the future I will let you know through this forum.

      By the way, a question just out of curiosity: I found that with wxGhostscript the CTM is "mirrored" compared to standalone Ghostscript.  Why is that so??


      • Nigel Hathaway

        Nigel Hathaway - 2007-08-11

        The whole project needs reviewing and updating to the latest version of wxWidgets and Ghostscript.

        I don't have time for that at present, so if there are any volunteers...


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