#130 Problems during file conversion from v3.2.3 to newer versions


Firstly, congratulations for such a useful tool, this is the first time I send you a ticket.
I get errors when I try to upgrade my projects (.fbp) from version 3.2.3 beta to any newer version. Concretely, when I convert them to version 3.3.0 (the immediately newer version available) I get these errors (I attached an image too):

The file does not exist. File: [...]\wxFormBuilder\plugings\common\xml\forms.phpcode stringutils.cpp@221
The property named "position" of class "wxStaticText" is not supported by this version of wxFormBuilder. If your projects file was just converted from an older version, then [...]

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  • Michal Bližňák

    1) Location of "Forms" stuff has changed so uninstall previous wxFB first, delete installation folder manually if neccessary and then install the new version.

    2) Some un-needed properties were removed from wxFB project so you can experience minor complains as described above. Don't worry, just save your project and the warning message will disappear.

    • Thund

      Thund - 2014-02-02

      Hi, thanks for the answer. I thought that was enough but, after upgrading and reopening the project, when I tried to generate the C++ code, an error prevented me from doing that. For example, when I upgraded to version 3.4.0, after getting a list of more than 20 errors, I saved the project, reopened it again, and I couldn't generate the C++ code because the property "aui_managed_style" or something like that was not present in my project file. I will complete this information with some images as soon as I can.

  • Thund

    Thund - 2014-02-11

    It seems to be a false alarm. Maybe the first time I installed the new version over the old one, without uninstalling. I have uninstalled the older version and then installed the new one. Now it seems to work properly but for one thing: Even after saving the converted project I still get an error message saying wxStaticText has a non-supported property "position". It is not important but I cannot get rid of it. You can find the projects here, in case you want to tests with them (TestConfiguration is which is failing):

    Should we create a different ticket and close this one?

    Thanks a lot.


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