#46 AutoComplete Class Browser


Bernd Roesch requested we look at implementing a sort
of Autocomplete for the class browsing.

Basically he mentioned that having a large project with
oodles and oodles of functions causes an unacceptable
delay when displaying the function list.

His request was to implement an edit control above the
class completion (although we should consider using an
auto complete list box) allowing the user to enter text
and the list would be populated with functions which
contained the text being entered.

Not exactly autocomplete, since his request was such
that should the text "win" be entered then functions
containing "win" in their name (DrawInto) should be
present in the populated list, NOT just those functions
that begin with "win" (WinDraw, WinDrool, WinTool...).

Still, allowing an autocomplete list box should speed
up the class browsing.

What do you think?


  • ninjanl

    ninjanl - 2006-09-25

    Logged In: YES

    As an aside, I do realise that we do have some autocomplete
    functionality in the listbox, but the dropdown listbox
    disappears when the first possible match is found, instead
    of maintaining an ever reducing list.

  • Joel Low

    Joel Low - 2006-10-12

    Logged In: YES

    Wrong behaviour on your build, strangely. On mine, it only
    disappears when there are no more functions left to show. I
    think we'll work on that once 6.10 is released and you have
    your scintilla working alright. I'll try to get a proper C++
    parser (planning to get a proper parser if I can write
    one... but from the looks of it it is impossible...)

  • Guru Kathiresan

    Guru Kathiresan - 2006-11-06

    Logged In: YES

    For searching the local file functions, Click Edit->Go to
    Function. Although this tool list only the functions in the
    current file, we can make it extended to the whole project.




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