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 "De-vide and Conquer"


wxDevIDE is a port of the wxDev-C++ integrated development environment (IDE). It maintains the same look and feel as wxDev-C++, but the source code has been re-written in C++/wxWidgets.


wxDevIDE is the child of wxDev-C++, a version of the popular Dev-C++. As those programs were written using the free version of Delphi, an older proprietary programming language, it became more difficult to maintain and extend them over the years. Some of the wxDev-C++ developers chose to port the code to C++/wxWidgets to encourage further progress in the IDE. The basic vision of those developers is to update wxDev-C++/Dev-C++ "under the hood" while still keeping the exterior look of the parent programs.


wxDevIDE is built with the GNU C++ compiler (gcc) using the wxWidgets libraries. It can be run on any platform that can run gcc binaries and wxWidgets, including Windows and Linux. It might be possible for ports to the Mac using wxMac.


wxDevIDE is distributed under the wxWindows Library License, version 3.1. It is essentially the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), but derived works in binary form may be distributed under the user's own terms, even in a proprietary manner.

Developer Guidelines

[DevIDEDevelopers] developer guidelines
[IDE] overview covers the basic layout of the IDE
[EditorApi] editor plugin related
[FormDesigner] The form designer planning page
[APIdocs] plugin system related
[PackMan] package manager
[Members] project memebers and module assignments

Package Manager

wxDevIDE will use C++/wxWidgets ports of the well-known [PackMan] and PackMaker programs to add, update, and remove modules and 3rd party programs.


Here's what the future holds:

  • Developer input on project overview and API architecture.
  • Divide developers into module assignments


Wiki: APIdocs
Wiki: DevIDEDevelopers
Wiki: EditorApi
Wiki: FormDesigner
Wiki: IDE
Wiki: Members
Wiki: PackMan

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