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  • Guru Kathiresan

    Guru Kathiresan - 2008-04-08

    I'm planning to port wx framework to Pascal based on wxD. I have done some ground work for this and found the wxC is not up to date with the latest wx version. I'm wondering if the devs are willing to move to the 2.8x series of wx. I have wrote few automated tools that generates the missing wxC exports. I'm planning to add a D generator so I can quickly update the wxD source as well. Let me know what the devs think about this.

    Guru Kathiresan

    • Tim Stahlhut

      Tim Stahlhut - 2008-04-09

      wxC was working in CVS with 2.8.0 I think, I never made a release. I can try in about 6 weeks (after school is over) to get CVS ready for 2.8.4 version of wxWidgets. 2.8.5/6/7 was a major change in wxWidgets might take a while to get 2.8.7 working with wxC. I will look at wxD and see what code I can port to wxC. My health has not been good lately so I can not promise much.

      Tim S

      • Guru Kathiresan

        Guru Kathiresan - 2008-04-09

        I'm using wxD's wxC code. Did you updated wx.Net's C exports or wxD C exports ? Are you planning to update it any time soon ? Currently I have diffed the possible 2.8.7 C exports with that of the current one in wxD's SVN and found it needs lot of updates. I guess I'll be done with the intial code change in couple of days (just have to tweak my code generator to generate the export's body). May be I can post a patch and the Devs can decide what to do. Currently I'm not looking for any help with the code update, but I would like have some project management related assistance (like doing a code review of my changes and if possible include me in the dev team ).

        -Guru Kathiresan

    • Anders F Björklund

      Let's see now, wxD is based on wx.NET and both use version 2.6.4 of the wxWidgets API as their base. There has been modifications to the source code, to allow wxc to link with a system wxWidgets 2.8.7 as well, though. The exports were originally generated by some Perl scripts, these are available from the wx.NET and wxD projects.

      For "wxD 1.0", this is the approach that is going to be used. D language version 1.0, Phobos standard library, wxWidgets 2.6.4, and so on - while still allowing it to build with D 2.0 and Tango and wxWidgets 2.8.7... For "wxD 2.0", the plan was to regenerate everything from wxWidgets headers in some orderly fashion (like SWIG or XML).

      BTW; If you are talking about the libraries in wxD, then please use a lower-case "wxc" and "wxd" since otherwise I just get them confused with the already existing wxC project (http://wxc.sourceforge.net/) which did wx 2.4.

    • Anders F Björklund

      I should also note that there already is a version(wx26) and version(wx28), since some of the menu constants changed their numbers between the library versions... (stupid enums). That wasn't in the original plan, but if there are some nice 2.8-only functions that people are just dying for they could be added - conditionalized.


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