wxWidgets release build with DMC/win32

  • torhu

    torhu - 2007-10-19

    I'm trying to convert a dwt app to wxd.  It builds now, but I need to use ddbg in order to get the app actually running again.

    The problem is that ddbg takes a couple of minutes to load all the debug symbols, I'm guessing of which most come from wxWidgets itself.  At least I suspect it would help a bit to link with wxwidget libs without debug info.

    So is there a relatively simple way to build a release version of wxWidgets?  It's possible that it can be done with smake, but I'm not able to find a binary for windows.  Does anyone have a windows smake binary handy?

    Another way is to edit makefile.dmc, but I thought I'd ask here before going that way.

    I know this isn't the wxwidgets forum, but I'm guessing many of the dmc+wx users are also wxd users.

    • torhu

      torhu - 2007-10-20

      I just replaced "-g -o+none" with "-5 -o" in makefile.dmc, and that helps a lot with debugging.  I haven't verified that this doesn't break wxwidgets in some way yet.

    • Anders F Björklund

      With MinGW/MSYS, you do this by specifying --enable-debug/--disable-debug. I know that the wxWidgets/wxD were "hardcoded" for debug, but it should be tweakable by editing the Makefiles for each (the makefile.dmc you mention - possibly needs to be regenerated using the wxWidgets build system, and the Makefile and config.mak for wxD - mostly the wxc lib)

    • torhu

      torhu - 2007-10-29

      I don't think it's unreasonable to require GNU make in order to build wxwidgets with dmc.  If the problem is that noone can be bothered to make a proper configuration setup for the slightly odd Digital Mars make, I guess it's better to just switch to gnu make.

      I see that wxwidgets actually includes an smake makefile for dmc.  That doesn't help much, as there seems to be no binary smake version for windows available.  At least I couldn't find one.

      But I guess I should be posting this at the wxWidgets forum instead. ;)


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