wxPdfDocument 0.9.4 released

Version 0.9.4 of the wxCode component wxPdfDocument is available for download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxcode. The new version 0.9.4 is compatible with wxWidgets version 2.8.12 and version 2.9.5. It should be usable with all wxWidgets 2.8.x versions.

General changes:
- added handling of Unicode surrogates for TrueType Unicode fonts (in wxPdfDocument library and in ShowFont utility)
- added missing initialization for image format type to use in wxPdfDC
- added support to write wxImage objects in JPEG format to PDF (instead of PNG format only)

Fixed bugs:
- corrected the handling of sectors in method wxPdfDocument::Ellipse
- fixed a bug in ShowFont (font index for TrueType collections was not selectable)
- fixed a bug in the Type1 font parser (parsing /Subrs could hang)
- fixed a bug in the Type1 font parser (endless loop when parsing Type1 multi master font files)
- fixed a bug in TrueType font parser reading wrong values from OS/2 table version 0
- adjusted default font metrics in wxPdfDC and external leading to always >= 0
- fixed a GDI object leak in TrueType font parser (Windows only)

Posted by Ulrich Telle 2013-08-10

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