Release of wxTreeListCtrl 1208

A new version of wxTreeListCtrl is available for download, direct download link:

A list of changes follows, the main one being: support for wxWidgets 2.9 (note that this control is *not* the homonymous one available natively in wxWidgets).

Link to the control website:

Happy coding!

==================== ChangeLog begin ====================

- Fixed: HitTest() was not working [#3093531 --thanks Yogesh]
- Fixed: click events now return position (Point) in all cases
- Fixed: include item in event EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_MENU [#3522228 --thanks T. Modes]
- Fixed: take hidden columns into account for total width [#3522074 --thanks T. Modes]
- Changed: by default FindItem() searches all columns (instead of main) [#3246444]
- Added: resource files / XRC support [#3103099 --thanks Pascal Potvin]
- Added: sample program now shows HitTest() output on middle-click
- Added: can now change parent with SetItemParent(), sample demonstrates this with drag&drop [feature#3429784]
- Added: support for wxWidgets 2.9 with separate 'wxCode' namespace

- Fixed: position of editor when a column is hidden [wxPack]
- Fixed: extra check to prevent painting of zero-width columns under GTK [#3061215]
- Fixed: improved computing of BestSize, non-expanded controls in a sizer keep their initial size [#3061207]
- Fixed: Edit control does not move with columns (stop editing on column move) [#2815443]
- Changed: background color is applied to entire column width. Same for cursor and selection highlight excepted for main col [#2823804]
- Added: make scroll events accessible to child class [#3082693]
- Added: test program includes demonstrates capturing mouse events in child class (compile option WITH_CHILD_CLASS) [#3082693]
- Added: SetCurrentItem() allows to set/reset the current item (cursor indicated by the black rectangle) [Remigius]
- Added: EndEdit() to match EditLabel() [#2815443]
- Added: multi-column support for various attribute (colors, font, ...) [#2823804 --thanks Chris Klecker]
- Added: extented Sort() method [--thanks Chris Klecker]
- Added: test program now has a 'Item' and 'Cell' menu to better play with attributes
NOTE for DLL builders: some methods were removed or changed

* treelistctrl_2010-06.26.tar.gz
- Fixed: improved support for GCC 4.x & compiling under Linux/GTK [#2858731]
- Fixed: crash on start with GTK (call to SetBackgroundStyle)
- Fixed: Unicode support [#2911015]
- Fixed: spurious warning, unicode support with VC8.0 [#2962879]
- Fixed: keep multiple selection when right-clicking on any selected (included last selected) item
- Fixed: rectangle on non-current item after multiple unselection
- Fixed: explicit conversions around size_t
- Changed: made GetHeaderWindow() and GetMainWindow() protected (useless outside treelistctrl.cpp)
- Changed: IsVisible now with 'within' option, and will only return true for fully visible items
- Added: test program now reports selection content
- Added: tooltip support, also for individual items [feature#2858734]
- Added: support for page-up/page-down, improved 'end' key [feature#2989510]

* treelistctrl_2009-07-19.tar.gz
- Fixed: GetPrev() not working at all [#2691182]
- Changed: reduced flickering [feature #2460180]

* treelistctrl_2008-12-05.tar.gz
- Fixed: non-compliant declarations in class wxTreeListMainWindow [#2051640]
- Fixed: edit changes commited to wrong column [#2342061]
- Fixed: crash after rename / cell edit [#2342054]
- Fixed: crash on deletion of selected item (seen with multiple selection enabled on shutdown); bug introduced in v2008-07-21
- Fixed: empty item text (in main & other columns)
- Fixed: Drag from treelistctrl to another works improperly (drag origin not remembered accurately) [#1811335]
- Fixed: allow multiple selection in right-click & dragging [#1488235]
- Fixed: assertion in DoNotifyWindowAboutCaptureLost in wxMSW 2.7.1 [#1583135]
- Changed: better positioning and size of editing cell

* treelistctrl_2008-07-21.tar.gz
- Fixed: selection behavior
- Fixed: make all mouse events accessible to child class [#2018407]
- Fixed: column now always populated for mouse events [#2018407]
- Fixed: crash on key navigation after item delete [#2021908]
- Fixed: crash on edit after item delete [#2021908]
- Fixed: missing event EVT_TREE_END_LABEL_EDIT when cancelled
- Fixed: several crash possibilities when there is no root [#2021908]
- Changed: changing the selection mode (wxTR_MULTIPLE style) will now reset the selection
- Changed: id of main column is always returned in events (used to be -1 on blank area)
- Changed: after an item is deleted, its next siblings is selected if it exists
- Changed: key actions: if no item is selected, root is selected and no further action is taken
- Changed: use same logic for double-click and return key (i.e. activate event will expand by default)
- Added: events are also generated when empty area is clicked (with wxTreeEvent::IsOk() returning false) [#2018407]
- Added: test program now with log window showing events fired
- Added: test program includes compile option WITH_CHILD_CLASS demonstrating capturing mouse events in child class [#2018407]
- Doc: added ommited (EVT_TREE_END_DRAG,EVT_TREE_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK) and new events [#2018407]
- Doc: mention wxTreeEvent::GetInt() to obtain column [#2018407]
- Doc: corrected incorrect mention of no event on some delete actions

* treelistctrl_2008-06-18.tar.gz
- Fixed: dead zone in labels with big fonts
- Fixed: improved text/frame proportion in label row for big fonts (MSW)
- Added: support for MinGW+MSYS through Makefile
- Added: support for CodeBlock+GCC through project file

* treelistctrl_2006-06-21.tar.gz
- first available release on

==================== ChangeLog end ====================

Posted by Ronan Chartois 2012-07-31

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