wxSQLite3 3.0.0 released

The new version 3.0.0 of wxSQLite3 - a thin wrapper for the SQLite database for wxWidgets applications - supports the current version 3.7.10 of SQLite. This version is compatible with wxWidgets 2.8.12 and wxWidgets 2.9.3.

Recent changes:
Added several methods for convenience or to support new SQLite3 features (wxSQLite3Database::Vacuum, wxSQLite3Database::GetDatabaseFilename, wxSQLite3Database::ReleaseMemory, wxSQLite3ResultSet::CursorMoved, wxSQLite3Statement::IsBusy)

Fixed a bug in method operator= of wxSQLite3StringCollection causing an endless recursion on assignment.

Dropped the concept of SQLite3 pointer ownership in favor of reference counted pointers allowing much more flexible use of wxSQLite3 classes. This is the main reason for changing the major version of wxSQLite3.

Modified SQLite3 encryption extension (defining int64 datatype for SHA2 algorithm). This makes the process to compile SQLite3 with encryption extension more stable.

The build support for the dbadmin sample has been removed as it was causing almost always trouble. The sources of the dbadmin sample are still included for those interested in a GUI sample.

To make it easier to build SQLite3 with encryption extension premake support has been added for this purpose. For wxSQLite3 itself experimental premake support has been added, too. Premake 4.4-beta3 or higher is required to generate build files.

See: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxcode

Posted by Ulrich Telle 2012-01-19

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