wxSQLite3 2.1.3 released

The new version 2.1.3 of wxSQLite3 - a thin wrapper for the SQLite database for wxWidgets applications - supports the current version of SQLite. This version is compatible with wxWidgets 2.8.12 and wxWidgets 2.9.1.

Recent changes:
Added an optional progress callback for metheods Backup & Restore. The minimal sample shows it's usage.
Added method SetBackupRestorePageCount to set the number of pages to be copied in one cycle of the backup/restore process.

Corrected default behaviour for attached databases in the SQLite encryption extension in case of an encrypted main database. Now the attached database uses the same encryption key as the main database if no explicit key is given. Previously the attached database remained unencrypted.

See: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxcode

Posted by Ulrich Telle 2011-08-16

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